Professional care

Professional care + professional care on cosmoceutical BABOR
Atraumatic Facial Cleansing The cosmoceutical line is pick up individually 4500 ₽
Atraumatic Facial Cleansing (problem skin) The cosmoceutical line is pick up individually 5500 ₽
Procedures with a peeling Alpha Complex HolyLand 3500 ₽
Procedures with a peeling ABR Professional HolyLand 3500 ₽/4000 ₽
Procedures with a peeling Age Control HolyLand 3500 ₽/4000 ₽
Anti-couperose program HolyLand 3800 ₽
Whitening procedures HolyLand 4600 ₽
Classical facial massage, necks and a decollete
• кthe cosmetic procedure directed to improvement of appearance and prevention of withering of face skin and a decollete
The cosmoceutical line is pick up individually 1500 ₽
The plastic facial massage
• normalizes activity of oil gland, improves the address of a lymph and blood, the polozhitelnok makes impact on hypoderm, removes puffiness of face, well influences nerves and lymph nodes and vessels
The cosmoceutical line is pick up individually 1500 ₽
Medical massage by Jacques
• the technology of massage directed to improvement of microcirculation of skin, normalization of work of oil glands, stabilization of process of blood circulation in skin
The cosmoceutical line is pick up individually 1500 ₽
Sculptural facial massage
• he technique of non-invasive lifting allows to improve considerably a form and a face form, helps to reduce "the second chin", smoothes mimic wrinkles, reduces expressiveness of "goose pads" and nasolabial folds, helps to get rid of hypostases and bags under eyes
The cosmoceutical line is pick up individually 2500 ₽
Diagnostics and the analysis of a condition of skin by a method BABOR
• unique 2kh phase clarification of skin • test for vitality of skin (diagnostics of skin) • individual consultation of the cosmetologist
BABOR 1100 ₽
Procedure №3 Regeneration
The global restart Regeneration of skin cells. Activation of the processes of renewal and repair the skin at the cellular level. Recommended as a preoperative skin preparation (2-4 weeks) and postoperative rehabilitation.
The procedure No. 4
Rehabilitation Corrects the expressed presenilation signs such Effective restoration of skin, stimulation of mechanisms of a reparation of skin. Deep hydration, strengthening of structure, increase of elasticity of skin. Procedure is intended for initial rehabilitation after surgical intervention, for restoration of skin after AHA-peelings, aggressive hardware techniques.
Shine of Beauty
It is intended for restoration of tired skin. Intensifies exchange processes of stressirovanny skin, intensively stimulates regeneration, vitalizirut. Gives to skin absolute shine and revitalization at the cellular level. Provides prevention of age changes.
BABOR 5300 ₽
Pure Oxygen
Completion of deficiency of oxygen in cells of skin. Necessary leaving for residents of the megalopolis recovers cages health and energy, and skin a well rested look, as after long walk in the wood. Result: the fresh and shining complexion; skin is humidified and protected from negative impact of environment
BABOR 3900 ₽
Express Lifting
The notable and prolonged lifting effect. Care models a face form and removes microtension on a surface of skin, reducing depth of wrinkles, intensively humidifies and nourishes skin, returning it elasticity. Intensifies exchange processes and stimulates blood circulation. Result: skin more dense and elastic; wrinkles are considerably reduced.
BABOR 6300 ₽
Kresh-care with 3 AMPOULES
Restores hydrolipidic balance of skin. The wrinkles caused by dehydration are smoothed. Skin becomes smooth and fresh.
BABOR 1100 ₽
Kresh-care with 5 AMPOULES
Intensively humidifies and vitalizirut skin, restores elasticity, returns shine and equal tone of the face.
BABOR 1800 ₽


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